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With the Woodward Homes dual approach to both building and design, we are able to bring an unparalleled level of coordination and service to design your home. Our goal is to always build you a creative, beautiful and functional space that becomes a place to call home.

Our flexibility adds a third level of service. Whether you have purchased a floor plan you've fallen in love with or you want a custom designed home like no other, or you need an addition to your home, we can assist with it all.

We are excited to offer floor plans available for purchase. Please visit to view our growing collection.

Our renovation clients have a wide range of services to select from starting with the smallest kitchen or bathroom remodel, to the addition of a covered porch or heated square footage to full home renovation.

Building or remodeling your home can be overwhelming, so we can handle making all of the selection decisions that go into a project. From appliances and cabinet layouts, to lighting and paint color selections, we can provide you with recommendations or go with you in person to a local showroom. We are with you every step of the process, from start to the finishing touches.

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